Delivery and fitting

all areas of London
Example price include:
Absolute Black
upstand: £150
Star Galaxy
£1600 upstand:
Uba Tuba
£1300 upstand:
Include Worktops: 2(tops) x 2500mm(length) x 620mm(wide), Overmount sink, HOB cut-out, 3 polished edges, Templating, Cutting and fitting.

Undermount sink £120,00   
Overmount sink £70,00
Drainage grooves £90,00     
Hob cut-out £70,00
Tap hole £10,00
Cut for boxed pipes £40,00  
Fitting & Delivery £350,00                                     LEGEND


FOR EXAMPLE you can choose

All fabrication is not the same. The many reason may affect the look and price of your design, for example material or finishing. Preparation works prior to installation i.e. joinery, carpentry have to be structurally sound and complete. Remember, if any structure that the stone is attached to moves, so will the stone! In our experience allow for a higher budget for preparation work then you stand less chance of problems at a later date.